Posted on Mar 15, 2014

My 2014 holiday sale will go live on Wednesday December 10th at noon EST. It will run from the 10th- 14th at 11:59 p.m. This way I am sure to be able to pack and ship everything in time for the christmas holiday.
This is my largest and most resolved body of work since my son Heilo was born 2.5 yrs ago. Large serving bowls, jars, ice cream dishes, specialty serving pieces and cozy, generous mugs. I am really thrilled to share them with you. You can follow this link over to my Etsy page.

Whenever I get enough work, I have an online sale. I let people know through facebook, instagram, and this website. For those of you who bought something last year, thank you so much for a stellar 2014. My mothers day sale and pop up sales this past year were amazing and sold very quickly. I can only hope to be so lucky in the future. As always I will continue to bring your my very best pots directly from the kiln and ship them quickly to your door wherever that might be.


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